Wamba, Kat

Ms. Wamba
Spanish 1 and Exploratory Spanish Teacher
Maple View Middle School

Email: [email protected]Voice Mail: 425-413-3290 (x9007)


Exploratory Spanish: This is a beginner, semester-long class open to 7th and 8th graders who are curious about Spanish. It is not a prerequisite for Spanish 1. In Exploratory Spanish, we don't have a specific textbook, and use a variety of resources to help us practice. We learn some basic phrases and pronunciation about greeting and getting to know people, things we might see around us on a regular basis, and how to describe ourselves and others in simple ways. We also look at the culture and geography of several Spanish-speaking countries, and compare that to our current lives and surroundings.

I post assignments on 
Google Classroom (even if they are done on paper, in class), so that students can see due dates, have access to extra copies, etc. Grades and scores can be found on Skyward

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Spanish 1: This is a year-long high school level class open to 8th graders, and has no prerequisite. In Spanish 1 we use an online textbook (Senderos), and other materials that can be found on Google Classroom. Spanish 1 will focus on learning basic phrases, Spanish structure, pronunciation, and some cultural context. We practice reading, writing, and speaking with others, and presenting information verbally - in fact, we write a lot of stories, in Spanish!

I post assignments on Google Classroom (even if they are done on paper, in class), so that students can see due dates, have access to extra copies, etc. Grades and scores can be found on 

Click here for Google Classroom!

: Stretch allows us to check in with students, and to make sure students have what they need. We generally save Tuesdays and Wednesdays for academic support, so students can work on things, get caught up, and talk to other teachers, if they need help.

Parents and Guardians

Spanish 1 & Exploratory Spanish: I post assignments and resources to Google Classroom, and grades to Skyward. Please note that Google Classroom is not a gradebook, but a place to have resources in one place. For grades and missing assignments, please check Skyward. You are welcome to email me if you can't find what you need.

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